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Not sure which candles you want to buy? This little 4 tealight sample pack is perfect to try a little taste of our different candles!
Tealights come in a box and are each labeled with their candle name and fragrance notes (see photos).

Here is the list of candles you may choose from! Don't see one that you want but it's in my shop? Let me know!

**All candles can be made into tealight except the custom candles such as House Pride, Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Anniversary.

***Please note that if you choose glitter as an option some may come without because it doesn’t have the option!


#Bookstagram - Clean Cotton

A Pirate's Life for Me - Ocean Breeze

Amazon Princess - Sea Mist

Bat Cave - Antique Sandalwood

Bigger on the Inside - Fireside

Binx - Toasted Pumpkin Spice

Bone Daddy - Pumpkin Souffle

Diamond in the Rough - Egyptian Amber

Doll Face - Love Spell

Draven - Black Cherry

Edward - Sugar Cookie Royale

Enchanted Rose - Rose

Fantastic Suitcase - Raspberry Sangria

Fantasy - Acai Blossom

Foolish Mortals - Almond Biscotti

Genie of the Lamp - Chai

God of Thunder - Rain Water

Harlequinn - Orange and Chili Pepper

Hero of Time - Oakmoss

Hey! Listen! - Sweet Pea

Horror - Woods & Earth

Jasmine - Amber Noir

Love You to the Moon & Back - Sandalwood Rose

Lucille - Blood Orange

Maleficent - Wassail

Mickey - Pineapple

Minnie - Vanilla

Mystery - Hazelnut Coffee

Pixie Dust - Starfruit, Jasmine, & Musk

Poison Apple - Apple Harvest

Romance - Peaches & Cream

Salem's Sisters - Leaves

Science Fiction - Caramel Apple

Scrumdiddlyumptious - Hot Cocoa

Smaug the Magnificent - Dragon's Blood

Snow Queen - Fir, Pine, & Patchouli

Stroke of Midnight - Citrus, Oak, Amber, & Musk

Super Soldier - Blueberry Cobbler

Tea Party Cake - Cake

The Force - Lavender

The Greatest Show - Movie Theater Popcorn

Under the Sea - Sea Salt, Ozone, & Dark Musk

Unicorn Poop - Candy Fluff

Web Slinger - Fruit Loops

Winter is Coming - Nag Champa

Wizard's Hall - Toasted Graham Crackers


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Candles & Melts: Soy/Paraffin wax, fragrance, liquid dye, eco-friendly glitter.

Also made with cotton-spun eco wicks. Absolutely no animal products. Vegan friendly!

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