House Pride: Snake


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Size: 4oz

  • 4oz
  • 8oz

Scent: Sea Mist

  • Sea Mist
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Toasted Graham Crackers
  • Birthday Cake
  • Dragons Blood
  • Antique Sandalwood
  • Orange and Chili Pepper
  • Rose
  • Pumpkin
  • Fireside
  • Raspberry Sangria
  • A Thousand Wishes
  • Twilight Woods
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Cotton Candy
  • Black Sea
  • Lavender
  • Nag Champa
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Apple Harvest
  • Clean Linen
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Show your Hogwarts House Pride with this custom candle! Not only do you get to choose your house color, you get to choose the scent you want your candle to be!

Each scent below is the name and what notes the scent has the most of. If you have any questions or would like some help picking a scent, please send me a message! I will be happy to help you choose the best scent for your candle.

Thanks to their cooler burning temperature, soy candles can burn for up to 50% longer than paraffin! When following basic candle safety and standard use, these candles will burn for the following, based on size:


8oz about 60+ hours of burn time

4oz about 25+ hours of burn time

Candle Scents:

Sea Mist (orange blossom, ozone, & musk)

Ocean Breeze (citrus, seashore, & violet)

Toasted Graham Crackers (ginger, cinnamon, & vanilla)

Birthday Cake (buttercream, baked cupcake, & honey)

Dragons Blood (orange, cedar wood, & patchouli)

Antique Sandalwood (cedar, pine, & sandalwood)

Orange and Chili Pepper (orange juice, chili, & citrus)

Rose (rose, geranium, & violet)

Pumpkin (ginger, brown sugar, & all spice)

Fireside (woody, clove, & sandalwood)

Raspberry Sangria (raspberry, lemon, & vanilla)

A Thousand Wishes (starfruit, jasmine, & amber)

Twilight Woods (citrus, cedar, oak, & musk)

Peaches & Cream (peaches, citrus, & vanilla)

Cotton Candy (raspberry, sugar, & vanilla)

Black Sea (plum, vanilla, & amber)

Lavender (bergamot, lavender, & cedar)

Nag Champa (musk, orange flower, & patchouli)

Cherry Blossom (apple, lilac, & musk)

Apple Harvest (apple, cinnamon, & vanilla)

Clean Linen (fresh ozone, cotton blossoms, & musk)

Almond Biscotti (crushed almonds & vanilla)

Hazelnut Coffee (coffee, hazelnut, & vanilla)

Caramel Apple (caramel & apples)

Egyptian Amber (spice, amber, & sandalwood)

Chai (clove, cinnamon, & sweet vanilla)

Sweet Pea (raspberry & sweet peas)

Oakmoss (oakmoss, cedar wood, & musk)

Chocolate Brownie (chocolate, cocoa, & vanilla)

Pineapple (pineapples)

Acai Blossoms (citrus, blueberry, & musk)

Hot Cocoa (cocoa, marshmallows, & vanilla)

Woods & Earth (oak moss, floral, & musk)

Blood Orange (citrus & oranges)




Candles & Melts: Soy/Paraffin wax, fragrance, liquid dye, eco-friendly glitter.

Also made with cotton-spun eco wicks. Absolutely no animal products. Vegan friendly!